Ready to let go of the past

and live more fully in the here & now?

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Specialist & Certified Mindfulness Meditation Guide  

who is here to support you on your journey toward self-discovery & healing.


Healing opportunities are vast & unique. Transformation is personal. It happens in quiet reflection & in being witnessed.

It’s sprinkled with some juicy “aha” moments & with a lot of sweet, subtle shifts that occur over time.

As an introvert & highly sensitive empath, I've taken the most care (with the perfect blend of fire & honey)

to create a diverse variety of offerings to gently stretch you out of your comfort zone and into more ease & joy.


I'm honoured to meet you where you are & walk you back home within yourself.


Take a peek around to see what's a fit for you. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

And one more thing...if not now, then when?


Here with you on your heart journey ~ Mary


"Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there that we must do our work."

Marianne Willamson