My Story

Imagine waking up every morning feeling the peace of mind knowing that you are in the right place at the right time. How great does that feel?

After studying social sciences for years, in 2008 I took a deep dive into my own work. From textbook to real life, real quick. It was scary. It was thrilling. Landing into the insights, leaning into the letting go & feeling the support of community had me hooked. It was the beginning of learning how to trust the process of my life.


A few years later I opened the doors to my private practice - determined to help guide others through life’s challenges & most trying times.


Over the years, I’ve continued to study & process, to learn & grow. My approach has evolved from heart & mind awareness to more fully include the experience of the body. And then I experienced a Dark Night of the Soul. Full stop. That's where I was really cracked open & learned about the depths of my sensitivity. Coming out the other side, I was then able to embrace & include the remembering that we are all souls having a human experience. 


Wherever you are, I'm here to help you create calm, cultivate compassion & connect more consciously. I'm here to teach you everything I've learned in over a decade - in a much shorter time.


Are you ready to grow through what you go through & learn how to trust the process of your life?

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My Approach

I am a relationally focused practitioner, guided by the experience & wisdom of our mind/body/heart/soul. I use a fire & honey blend of traditional talk level therapy, mindfulness and mindset coaching & hypnotherapy techniques to help you explore, process & integrate. 


In a deep & direct process (hard but not as painful as you think & so worth it), we go to the source of the patterns you are struggling with. Together we heal & clear the old blocks you have about who you think you are & how you should be.


I specialize in helping energy sensitive people:

  • Learn how to listen to their body & inner wisdom. 

  • Lean into & stay with emotions. 

  • Explore, resolve & release shadows/old pain/trauma. 

  • Process unfinished business & unmet needs. 

  • Gently clear the residue & misunderstandings of the past. 

  • Bring awareness to & actively rewire thought patterns. 

  • Practice new & intentional choices.

  • Show up differently in their life/the world.